Direct Mail Design

Project: Yearbook advertising direct mail, The Summit Yearbook, Quinnipiac University Objective: Direct mail piece to parents of college seniors to entice them to order their student a congratulatory advertisement in the annual yearbook, in addition to encouraging them to order a yearbook. Process: Designed colorful flyer in InDesign. The cover photo was designed in Photoshop using a photograph from Read more about Direct Mail Design[…]

Brochure Design

Project: Conference brochure, INTERPHEX Puerto Rico, Reed Exhibitions Objective: Direct mail brochure to entice additional registrations for conference program and expo Process: Layout conference program and show information in easy to read format using character and paragraph styles, columns, typography and tables. Programs: Adobe InDesign Date: 2011

Brochure Design

Project: US Green Build Council (USGBC), Alexander Isley Inc. Objective: Brochure redesign Process: Using a sketched arrow as a tracing image, I used dozens of hardware tool thumbnails to make up the image of an arrow. I focused on the pattern and positioning of each of these images to make a sensible design. Programs: Adobe Read more about Brochure Design[…]

Invitation Design

Project: Save the Date invitation, LUXURY by JCK, JCK Events, Reed Exhibitions Objective: Invitation design Process: Invitation could only be one color, so focus was on typography in a classic font for a high-end audience. In order to make it a quality piece, a very nice paper stock with a shine was selected. Programs: Adobe InDesign Date: 2010

Notepad Design

Project: Winning design entry for Quinnipiac University Undergraduate Admissions. Objective: Design a “surprise” theme to place on the cover of what looks like a matchbook, but is really a notepad. To be distributed across campus and possible used for other publications. Process: I used an inverted outline from a photograph of the bobcat statue on Read more about Notepad Design[…]